Our Story

Tasmania Gourmet Seafoods started back in 2009, and brings together Tasmania’s most respected and experienced professional fishermen and fish processors. Our mission is to deliver the freshest sea products from our hundreds of locations around the world.

Since our foundation, we have worked extremely hard to build both a national and an international reputation as one of the finest and most respected producers of southern rock lobster and seafood. Sourced locally from the pristine waters surrounding Tasmania, we deliver and distribute across the country and indeed around the world, providing thousands with the taste of Tasmania.

Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods supplies to celebrity chefs and well known and highly regarded restaurants across Australia and the world. Our passion for what we do is evident in the produce that we offer, where we always prioritise quality and freshness.

Ambitious as ever, we are always looking forward into the future to continue to deliver the great taste of Tasmania's oceans to the rest of the world.

  1. Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods was established in 2009


  2. Winner of the Best Fish and Chips in Tasmania award in 2016

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  3. And again in 2017...

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  4. Winner of the Best Fish and Chips in Australia in 2018

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  5. Three-peat of the Best Fish and Chips in Tasmania, winning the award in 2018

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  6. Taking out the gong for Best Seafood Restaurant in Cambridge by Restaurant Guru

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  7. Winner of the Best Fish and Chips in Tasmania award in 2021

    Fish Chips Award

Ethically Sourced Seafood

We share a passion and commitment to sustainable and ethical fishing practices. Our fish and seafood products are sourced locally from the immaculate waters of Tasmania, where strict guidelines are in place to ensure that no overfishing occurs, and that our unique ecosystem is protected.

What brought us together in the first place is still what drives us to this day; a respect and love for our environment, in particular the sea, that translates into your plate.

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