Squizzy & our Food Vans

Our mobile food vans are providing Tasmania and Victoria with the freshest seafood delicacies (fresh and cooked) including Southern rock lobsters, oysters, prawns and Moreton Bay bugs. We’re always on the move, so make sure to track where we're heading to next by using the map below to see today’s locations.


When COVID hit, we had to find new ways of getting Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods to you. Our partnership with Squizzy - teaming up to provide a mobile catering service - was born.

Since then, our vans have trekked all across the state, even heading across the Bass Strait to bring Tasmania's finest seafood to a new audience in regional Victoria, often drawing crowds on their own accord. We try our very hardest to send the vans out to as many places as possible, so if there isn't one near you yet, don't fret, as there will most likely be one heading your way in the near future!

Introducing Squizzy Taylor

Squizzy Taylor (also known as the “Aussie Lobster Man”) is the Tasmanian fisherman in control of the 62' lobster fishing vessel The Bold Contender. You might also recognize him from the hit TV show Aussie Lobster Men on Discovery Channel and 7Mate.

Squizzy Taylor has been in the industry for years, navigating and traversing the Tasmanian seas using his guile and experience. COVID has shown the lobster industry that local support is essential to the industry. Squizzy together with Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods vow to never abandon the amazing support showed to us during COVID and the following China restrictions. Our vans will continue to travel and sell lobsters to the local public, making it accessible 100% of the time and at reasonable prices.

Squizzy is frequently out and about in our vans. He is always happy to have his photo taken of sling some merchandise. That’s right Squizzy has merchandise. You can order these and purchase them from our vans.

Good for a chat and a friendly bloke, Squizzy has entertained thousands with his Lobsters and warm personality. You'll find him at his best having a yarn about the one that got away. He loves a chat so say hello, but make sure you have time for a chat.

There are two food vans traversing the country anywhere at any time, with a unique distribution system following them around to make sure that the seafood produce is always fresh, and always at the highest quality possible.

So, go check out where the vans are today, and remember to say hi to the team or the man himself.

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Need to cater for a special event? Our food vans make a great option for all kinds of events.