Southern Rock lobster is one of the most sought after seafoods in the world. Our catch is used by some of the top end chefs in Australia and overseas.

Our own boat sources Southern Rocklobster in the pristine wilderness of the oceans off the wild Tasmanian Coast, we then deliver it to you, so you too can enjoy what we can only describe as our Jewel of the sea.

Southern rock lobster caught in Tasmania is managed by highly regulated sustainable fishing controls to ensure that our product can be there for generations to come.

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Wild caught Tasmanian Abalone is one of the worlds seafood delicacies. Our Abalone is handpicked by qualified divers to ensure quality and sustainability.

Our boats consist of small day boats that work out of small ports,  and larger boats that spend several days at sea to reach the areas of wild Tasmanian Coast that are inhabitable.

We hold the Abalone in our live holding tanks before shipping to you, ensuring the freshness and quality that you expect from top quality Tasmanian produce.


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